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Hunt's All-Star Auction nears

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Hunt Auctions, the Official Auctioneer of the John Hancock All-Star FanFest in Detroit, will host the 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Live Auction on Tuesday, July 12 at 10 a.m. that will follow four days of correlated events, including silent auctions, seminars by industry experts, and an appraisal fair. All items will be available for preview during John Hancock All-Star FanFest show hours from Friday, July 8 through Monday, July 11 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Roberto Clemente’s 1965 Silver Bat, a 1958 Clemente 1958 Pirates road jersey (estimate $75,000-$100,000), a circa 1921-28 Ty Cobb professional model bat ($50,000-$75,000), circa 1920’s Cobb Tigers home pants ($40,000-$60,000), and a single-signed Cobb baseball attributed to his 3,000th hit headline the sale, along with a collection of Yankees World Series press pins ($40,000-$50,000), and a 1960 Warren Spahn Braves home jersey ($15,000-$20,000). There also is a significant 1887 Detroit Wolverines World Championship Dauvray Cup pendant as issued to Charles “Lady” Baldwin, and the accompanying 1887 World Championship Series program ($20,000-$30,000).

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Single-signed Baseballs: Roberto Clemente ($7,500-$10,000); Walter Johnson circa 1930’s ($7,500-$10,000); Ty Cobb circa 1920’s ($5,000-$7,500); Lou Gehrig ($4,000-$6,000); Roy Campanella circa 1948-51 ($3,000-$4,000); Ted Williams circa 1958 ($3,000-$4,000); Willie Mays circa 1950’s ($2,000-$3,000), Pie Traynor ($2,500-$3,500); Thurman Munson ($2,000-$3,000); Roger Maris ($1,500-$2,000); Hank Greenberg ($1,500-$2,000); Stan Musial circa 1950’s ($1,000-$1,500); Sandy Koufax circa 1960-65 ($1,500-$2,000); Satchel Paige circa 1950’s ($750-$1,250); Dizzy Dean ($750-$1,250); Hank Aaron circa 1960’s ($750-$1,000); and Joe DiMaggio circa 1940’s ($750-$1,000).

The auction also boasts six Babe Ruth single-signed balls in varying condition, including a lightly clear-coated Yale Sporting Goods “Major League” model ball signed on the sweet spot in fountain pen circa 1930-40 ($20,000-$30,000), a lightly toned red-and-blue stitched non-official ball signed boldly on the sweet spot in blue ink circa 1948 with related display ($15,000-$20,000), a lightly toned Goldsmith “League Ball” with red-and-blue stitching signed on the sweet spot in a bold aqua green ink ($15,000-$20,000); a cream color Worth “Official League” ball signed on the sweet spot circa 1940’s ($10,000-$15,000), a lightly toned Harridge AL ball signed on a side panel and inscribed “To George J. Allen From Babe Ruth” circa 1931-34 ($6,000-$8,000), and an unofficial “Major League” red-and-blue stitched baseball signed on the sweet spot ($4,000-$6,000).

Team-signed Baseballs: Yankees balls from 1927 ($4,000-$6,000), 1932 ($2,500-$3,500), 1934 ($5,000-$7,000), 1953 ($3,000-$4,000), 1961 ($7,500-$10,000), 1961 reunion ($750-$1,250), and 1978 ($1,000-$1,500); Brooklyn Dodgers balls from 1953 ($1,250-$1,500), 1955 ($20,000-$25,000), and 1956 ($2,500-$3,500); Detroit Tigers balls from 1916 ($4,000-$6,000), 1924 ($3,000-$4,000), and 1927 ($2,000-$3,000); 1960 Pirates ($1,500-$2,000) and 1968 Pirates ($1,000-$1,500); 1948 Boston Braves ($1,000-$1,500); 1949 Red Sox ($750-$1,250);and 1968 Cardinals ($1,000-$1,500).

Other Signed Balls: A baseball signed by members of the 1939 Hall of Fame Induction class, including Ruth, Cobb, Wagner, Speaker, Young, Johnson, and Mack ($15,000-$20,000); Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Earle Combs signed ball with photographic provenance ($10,000-$15,000); 1920’s Hall of Famer signed ball with Ruth, Johnson, Speaker, Cobb, Sisler, Huggins, Heilmann, Mack, Pennock, and Harris ($7,500-$10,000); and 1933 World Series signed ink blotter with Ruth, Ott, O’Doul, Carl Hubbell, Bill Terry, and John McGraw ($4,000-$6,000).

All-Star Team-signed Balls: 1941 AL ($5,000-$7,500); 1941 NL ($3,000-$4,000); 1942 ($1,750-$2,500); 1951 NL, with accompanying program ($1,750-$2,500); 1955 NL ($750-$1,000); 1956 NL ($1,000-$1,500); 1959 NL ($1,000-$1,500); 1966 NL ($1,500-$2,000); and pair of 2002 AL and NL ($750-$1,250).

Special Event Baseballs: July 31, 1941, Ted Williams first grand-slam autographed baseball ($20,000-$30,000); 1909 World Series Game 6 final out ball ($10,000-$15,000); and 1909 World Series game-used baseball ($2,000-$3,000).

Autographed Items: Ruth-signed large format photograph inscribed to HOF’er Charlie Gehringer ($7,500-$10,000); 1935 Gehringer All-America Board of Baseball certificate signed by Ruth ($5,000-$7,500); Ruth autograph cut circa 1926-28 ($3,500-$4,500); Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker related autographed letters ($3,000-$4,000); 1912 Cobb Baseball Magazine handwritten letter ($3,000-$4,000); Ruth-signed American Legion program ($3,000-$4,000); and Cobb-signed Christmas card ($2,500-$3,500).

Game-used Jerseys: 1948 Joe DiMaggio Yankees road ($20,000-$30,000); Duke Snider Los Angeles Dodgers home ($10,000-$15,000); Roberto Clemente Pirates undershirt circa 1959-61 ($5,000-$7,500); 1991 Barry Bonds Pirates road ($5,000-$7,500); Bobby Doerr 1967 Boston Red Sox coaches home ($2,500-$3,500); 1968 Darryl Patterson Detroit Tigers road ($2,000-$3,000); 1960 Dave Sisler Detroit Tigers road ($1,500-$2,000); 1965 Bob Miller Los Angeles Dodgers home ($1,500-$2,000); 1974 Bill Buckner Los Angeles Dodgers road ($1,250-$1,500); 1962 Birdie Tebbetts Milwaukee Braves home ($1,000-$1,500); 1975 Otto Velez New York Yankees road ($1,000-$1,500); Carlos Beltran Kansas City Monarchs throwback ($1,000-$1,500); and Scott Rolen St. Louis Stars throwback ($750-$1,250).

The auction will also feature a run of Phillies jerseys, including: 1977 Steve Carlton road ($5,000-$7,500); Mike Schmidt circa 1988 ($4,000-$5,000); 1981 Ryne Sandberg rookie road ($4,000-$5,000); 1963 Tony Gonzalez home ($2,500-$3,500); 1997 Curt Schilling road ($2,000-$3,000); 1997 Scott Rolen rookie home, along with batting helmet and cleats ($2,000-$3,000); and a 1964 Roy Sievers road ($2,000-$3,000).

Professional Model Bats: Babe Ruth circa 1921-31 ($20,000-$30,000); Roberto Clemente circa 1969-72 ($7,500-$10,000); Barry Bonds circa 1989-90 ($4,000-$5,000); Cal Ripken Jr. circa 1999-2001 ($2,500-$3,500); Al Kaline circa 1961-64 ($2,500-$3,500); Carl Furillo circa 1950-60 ($2,000-$3,000); Mike Schmidt bat circa 1973-79 ($1,250-$1,750), Willie Stargell circa 1977-79 ($1,000-$1,500), Willie Horton circa 1973-75 ($750-$1,000), Ray Fosse 1971 All-Star Game ($750-$1,000), and Wade Boggs circa 1986-89 ($500-$750).

Mickey Mantle Items: Vintage Mantle and Roger Maris signed baseball ($5,000-$7,500); vintage Mantle single-signed ball circa 1960’s ($3,000-$4,000); Mantle-signed jersey ($3,000-$4,000); Mantle and Maris signed photo ($3,000-$4,000); Mantle and Joe DiMaggio signed baseball ($1,250-$1,500); Maris, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle signed photo ($1,250-$1,500); 1957 Mantle signed dinner program ($1,000-$1,500); Mantle single-signed portrait baseball ($750-$1,250); and several lots of Mantle-signed Bobby Brown AL baseballs.

Autographed Photos: Christy Mathewson attributed to Carl Horner ($20,000-$30,000); 1927 Lou Gehrig ($7,500-$10,000); two Babe Ruth examples ($4,000-$6,000) and ($5,000-$7,500); three Ty Cobb examples ($4,000-$5,000) – circa 1907 ($3,000-$4,000) and circa 1928 ($2,000-$3,000); Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella circa 1947 ($5,000-$7,500); Honus Wagner with dual last name signature circa 1915 ($3,000-$4,000); Walter Johnson ($3,000-$4,000); 1983 Old-Timers Day signed photo ($3,000-$4,000); Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese by Barney Stein ($2,500-$3,500); Roger Maris ($1,250-$1,500); Cy Young ($1,000-$1,500); Larry Lajoie ($1,500-$2,500); Thurman Munson ($1,000-$1,500); Roberto Clemente ($1,000-$1,500); Mel Ott ($750-$1,000); Tris Speaker ($750-$1,000); Eddie Collins ($750-$1,000); Satchel Paige ($500-$750); and an estate collection of vintage baseball autographed news photographs circa 1930’s ($3,000-$4,000).

Team Photographs: 1909 Detroit Tigers panoramic ($10,000-$15,000); 1907 Tigers Cabinet ($5,000-$7,500); 1914 Tigers panoramic ($4,500-$6,500); 1937 Pittsburgh Pirates team-signed panoramic ($4,500-$6,500); 1912 Cleveland vs. Detroit Opening Game panoramic ($3,000-$4,000); 1913 New York Giants team panoramic ($2,500-$3,500); 1916 World Champion Boston Red Sox team photo by George Grantham Bain ($2,500-$3,500); and a 1955 Cleveland Indians team-signed photograph ($1,000-$1,500).

Awards: 1913 Ty Cobb trophy ($7,500-$10,000); 1967 Cardinals World Series trophy ($7,500-$10,000); 1982 Cardinals World Series trophy ($5,000-$7,500); rare 1945 Detroit Tigers World Championship trophy ($5,000-$7,500); 1953 New York Yankees World Championship presentational tray ($2,000-$2,500); and 1952 Mickey Mantle New York Mirror Player of the Day Award ($1,500-$2,000).

Topps Baseball Cards and Sets: 1952 Mickey Mantle ($10,000-$15,000); high-grade 1955 set ($10,000-$15,000); high-grade 1957 set ($5,000-$7,000); 1963 set ($3,000-$4,000); 1967 Topps set ($3,000-$4,000); and a 1956 Duke Snider SGC 98 ($3,000-$4,000).

Stadium Seats: Rare Polo Grounds stadium seat with figural end ($3,000-$4,000); pair of Yankee Stadium seats ($1,000-$1,500); row of four Briggs Stadium seats ($750-$1,000); Crosley Field stadium seat ($750-$1,000); and a Comiskey Park stadium seat ($300-$400).
In addition to the live auction on July 11, Hunt Auctions will be conducting silent auctions daily during John Hancock All-Star FanFest from Friday, July 8 to Monday, July 11.

Featuring a variety of modern-era baseball items from $50 to $1,000, the silent auctions will be open for bidding to FanFest attendees only. Hunt Auctions, Inc. and its team of nationally recognized experts will also conduct complimentary appraisals throughout the week with selected items eligible for consignment to the live auction. Those interested in receiving an appraisal can call ahead to schedule a private consultation at (610) 524-0822.

Hunt Auctions, Inc will also be hosting seminars by museum officials Anne Jewell, Ted Spencer and Tom Schieber, and memorabilia experts David Bushing and James Spence.

The entire live auction catalog may be viewed online at Bids and catalog orders may be placed through the Web site or by calling (610) 524-0822. Hunt Auctions is currently accepting consignments for future auctions, including the second annual Louisville Slugger Museum Auction scheduled for this fall.

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