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Tristar Handling Hawaii Trade Conference Auction

Tristar Productions will host and organize the charitable auction at the Hawaii Trade Conference Mainland Edition on April 15 in Phoenix. Submissions are being taken until March 28.

Tristar Productions will be hosting and organizing the chartitable auction at this year’s Hawaii Trade Conference Mainland Editon April 13-17 in Phoenix. The auction will be held April 15, with all proceeds going to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

“I am very excited about the largest for-charity auction in the industry this year and that the Lance Armstrong Foundation has been selected as its sole beneficiary,” said Tristar president Jeff Rosenberg. “This foundation’s goals are very personal to me, and I am pleased that Tristar is working with F+W to make this year’s conference auction the biggest ever.”

Donations of memorabilia are currently being sought for the event. To make a donation, contact Jill Masters at (713) 448-1107, or via e-mail at by March 28. Arrangements will be made to ship the items to the auction. Items can also be sent to Jill Masters at Tristar Productions, c/o Livestrong Auction: Hawaii Trade Conference, 4025 Willowend Suite 312, Houston, TX 77025.

For more information on the conference, visit

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