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Topps Triple Threads Details Announced

The 2011 Topps Triple Threads product will release in July and will feature an autograph relic and a numbered relic card in every pack.
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One baseball card set collectors look forward to each year is Topps Triple Threads Baseball, slated for a late July release this year.

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This year’s product will feature an autograph relic and a numbered relic card in every pack. Among the signers in this product are Hank Aaron and Sandy Koufax, exlcusive to Topps. Also look for create-your-own autograph triple relic and triple relic combo cards. Another new insert are Flashback cards, which featuring both a player’s rookie and current photos along with three relics.

The Triple Threads Unity autograph relics cards will showcase one of three players (Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Derek Jeter are shown in the sales materials) with one autograph card and one relic swatch card on one of 10 themed backgrounds. You can then place the three cards together for a complete background display. There are nine variations for each theme. One top of that, there are six levels, starting at numbered to 99 to numbered 1-of-1.

Other special cards include Presidential “Cut Above” relics with a cut signature from a U.S. president and Legends “Cut Above” relics featuring 10 players.

merous 1-of-1 cards offered in thsi product, along with jumbo relics and numerous combinations of autographs and relics in a number of different presentations.

This product is expected to hit shelves the week of July 26.