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Grab Some Singles While They Last

Memory Lane is serving up another round of set breaks, this one ends Feb. 23. Also, Michael Pineda is going to be huge in New York - expect his card prices to rise.

The opportunity is available once again – but you'd better hurry because this opportunity ends Thursday.

Once again, Memory Lane is offering high-grade singles from a variety of sets that stretch from the 1910 E96 Caramels to the 1971 Topps Greatest Moments set. Other sets in the sale include 1911 T# Turkey Red, 1911 T201 Double Folders, T205 Gold Borders, 1933 Goudey, 1941 Play Ball, 1949 Bowman, and Topps issues from 1952, 1953 and 1961, among others.


Here's how it works. Click on any of the sets and you'll find singles that are available form the set. Each card is graded and assigned a fixed price. If you need it, call (877) 606-5263 and it's yours.

The sale kicked off Monday, so there is a decent handful that have already been scooped up. But, boy, if you're in need of a few high-end cards to complete or upgrade a set, this is a good opportunity. Memory Lane is offering up to 20% off some more than 3,000 of such cards.

Baseball Star to Keep an Eye On
Speaking of singles, with spring training kicking off, now is the time to see which young players might be worth picking up in the latest baseball card packs.

If Jeremy Lin has taught us anything, it's that the New York market is crazy for its players. That said, Michael Pineda's cards will be exploding if he pitches anything like he did the first half of 2011 in Seattle. Jesus Montero would have been huge if he stuck around, but a 23-year-old fireballer in Pineda is tough to pass on.

If you have some of his rookies already in your hand, be ready to deal when his prices start to skyrocket with a little success in the Bronx. Some of his 1-of-1 cards are already topping $700, with signed rookie cards in the $250 range.