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Former Mets Clubhouse Manager Pleads Guilty, Likely to Avoid Jail Time

Former clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels pleads guilty, will be sentenced April 16. He is likely to avoid jail time.

Charlie Samuels, 55, the long-time N.Y. Mets clubhouse manager who was fired in 2010 in light of information that he stole millions of dollars in game-used equipment and other clubhouse artifacts, pled guilty Feb. 21 in a plea agreement to criminal possession of stolen property and to criminal tax fraud charges related to under-reporting and underpaying on his 2009 state tax returns.

Samuels is to receive an expected sentence of five years probation and restitution of $50,000, which will be revealed April 16.

Samuels had been charged with stealing hundreds of autographed and unsigned Mets jerseys, baseballs, bats, helmets and other team equipment worth more than $2 million. The memorabilia, including a full set of autographed 1986 World Series uniforms, was recovered in a friend's home in Connecticut.

The plea agreement also prohibits Samuels from going to Citi Field; Municipal Credit Union Field, which is home to the Mets’ minor league affiliate the Brooklyn Cyclones; and the team’s spring training facility in Florida.

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