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Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama Signed Card in Topps American Heritage

One of the defining moments in American history will take place with the inauguration of Barack Obama as the next president of the U.S. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Obama and Robinson will now be featured on the same card, with cut signatures in Topps American Heritage.   

Topps believes it may have produced one of the greatest historical autographed cards to date – the dual autograph featuring Barack Obama and Jackie Robinson.

This card and several other pieces of Americana will highlight the all-new new and exciting Topps American Heritage.

American Heritage will fuse the popular Topps Heritage brand name, a selection of classic Topps designs as well as new designs and tell the story of the U.S. through sports, politics, the arts and pop culture.

In Addition, this great looking set will be accompanied by an array of autographs, relic cards and cut signatures from every U.S. President. Each hobby box will guarantee two hits.

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Product breakdown:

  • BASE CARDS (150)
  • Heroes of the Revolution (10 subjects) – 1962 design
  • Explorers (10 subjects) – 1955
  • Inventors (10 subjects) – 1963
  • Writers(10 subjects) – 1953
  • Industrialists (10 subjects) – 1983
  • Military Leaders (10 subjects) – 1956
  • Civil Rights Leaders (10 subjects) – 1968
  • Artists (10 subjects) – 1973
  • Entertainers (10 subjects) – 1975
  • Statesmen & Jurists (10 subjects) – 1974
  • Great American Events (25 subjects) – 1961
  • 2008 Election Collection (25 subjects) – 1971


  • Chrome Parallel sequentially numbered to 1,776.
  • Chrome Refractor Parallel sequentially numbered to 76.


  • American Legends: (18) Includes baseball’s immortals. Sequentially #’d to 199.
  • American Icons: (10) Baseball’s icons off the field. Sequentially #’d to 99.
  • American Presidents: (44) Featuring all the U.S. Presidents on the 1952 Topps design (1:6)
  • American Celebrities (10) Featuring American celebrities (1:12)


  • Presidential Patches includes a manufactured letter from the last name of every president. Sequentially #’d to 50.
  • American Legends Relics (15 subjects) – Featuring baseball’s all-time greats. Sequentially #’d to 25
  • American Legends Duals Relics (5 cards) #’d to 20.
  • American Legends 8-piece (2 cards) #’d to 1.
  • American History, Monuments & Presidential Relics (50+ subjects)Will include relic pieces from presidents, historic places and special events.
  • American Celebrity Relics (10 subjects)


  • Presidential Cut Signatures (43 subjects). #’d to 1. Every President in US history.
  • American Legends Cut Signatures (10 subjects) Featuring baseball greats such as babe Ruth. #’d to 1
  • American Legends & Presidents Dual (3 cards) #’d to 1
  • American History Cut Signatures (25 subjects) U.S. Historical figures #’d to 1
  • American History Dual Cut Signatures (5 cards) #’d to 1
  • American History Quad Cut Signatures (3 cards) #’d to 1
  • American Cut Signature Relics (3 subjects) Includes a cut signature and a relic tied a specific event or place related to the subject #’d to 1.
  • American Celebrity Autographs (10 subjects)

Each 8-card pack carries a $3 SRP.

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