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Vintage cards, rare photos highlight 19th Century

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Already underway, 19th Century Only is hosting "Auction No. 12: All Types of Cards." The 126-lot auction will end on Jan. 13 at 11 p.m. EST. The auction is loaded with vintage baseball cards, and some vintage photographs.

The first two lots of the auction are very rare items from the late 1800s. The first is a 1890 Bob Matthews Gold Tone glass plate Orotone photograph. These are almost impossible to find, with this one having an opening bid of $3,500. The second item is a circa 1880 "Old Judge" proof photo of Matthews. According to Seth Nagdeman of 19th Century Only, proofs recently on the market brought $10,000-$15,000 each. This one has an opening bid of $900.

Another Old Judge item in the auction is an 1887 N172 Old Judge "Anonymous - No Name" card. This card is very rare because the player is not identified.

An interesting photograph in the auction is one from the early 1860s. It is a Civil War baseball photograph. It is one of the earliest images of someone holding a baseball bat.

The auction also includes plenty of cards from the early 1900s, including two of the toughest to find from the 1912 T207 set, both with rare backs. The first being a T207 Anonymous Back Louis Lowdermilk card, graded PSA 4, and the second being a T207 Broadleaf Buck Weaver card, graded PSA 3.

Other highlighted cards from the early 1900s include: a 1910 M116 Honus Wagner (Blue Background) card, graded GAI 2.5; a 1909 T206 Jack Knight (batting) - rare printers proof; a 1909 E90-1 American Caramel Larry McLean card, graded GAI 2; a 1910 E104-1 Nadja Caramels Danny Murphy (blank back) card, graded SGC 30; and a 1911 E94 George Close Honus Wagner card, GAI Authentic.

Other than the nine featured items in the auction, there are a total of 22 lots. There are 83 lots containing items from 1900-19, three lots containing items from 1920-49, seven lots containing items from 1950-present. These include some Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays cards.

For more information about this auction, visit, or call 19th Century only at 1-800-801-4399.

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