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BCW gains new products through acquisition

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Already considered one of the premier sports card and memorabilia supply manufacturers, BCW made more advances in 2006 with its acquisition of Ohio Coin Investments, one of its former competitors, and the largest distributor of BallQube products.

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In addition to providing BCW's customers with its current line, they are able to offer a wider array of products. The Anderson, will now offer other well-known hobby products made by BallQube, Pro-Mold, Classics and Collector Safe as a result of the company's recent acquisition.

BCW's vice president Eric Brownell expressed the significance of the company's acquisition and wants to make sure collectors are aware of the great deals that will be available as a result of the products that will soon be discontinued.

Brownell said the majority of its Classics and Collector Safe products are being offered at very attractive prices.

"We would like to make sure everybody knows that we have these products and they are being discontinued," said Brownell. "The distributor that we purchased (Ohio Coin) was selling these products at competitive prices and we are maintaining those prices until the product is gone."

According to Brownell, anyone interested in Classics and Collector Safe products should call 1-800-433-4229. For all other BCW product inquiries customers can either call the toll-free number or visit its website at In addition to economical prices, BCW has become known for the company's online stores, which are second-to-none in the industry in terms of ease-of-use and quality customer service.

BCW, which was founded in 1983, does not limit itself to retail sales. The company, located in a 78,000-square-foot building serves as a factory, office and warehouse, and also supports drop shippers, retail stores, wholesalers and distributors. BCW's wholesale website can be found at In addition to BCW making great advancements as a company last year, Brownell said there were also certain product lines that carried that same energy. According to Brownell, memorabilia supplies are becoming more popular and complement its card product line.

"Memorabilia is becoming more popular," said Brownell, "Storage and displays for memorabilia is growing."

BCW is providing the hobby with products such as its wall-mountable acrylic displays for footballs, basketballs, helmets, caps, bats and jerseys. A number of these cases also feature a mirror background and gold risers.

BCW also carries an item called the "BallClaw." The BallClaw is a three-pronged device that can be used to store sports equipment or used in developing a memorabilia room in a non-traditional way.

BCW also carries supplies not related to sports, such as gaming, comic book, photo, postcard, currency and coin supplies. Collectors looking for boxes, binders, magazine holders can also count on BCW. Now in its 24th year, BCW shows no signs of slowing down.

The company serves more than 100,000 customers worldwide and offers more than 400 different quality-collectible items. BCW will take orders via e-mail, fax, phone, or through its web stores. It also offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all of its products.

Brownell sees the operation as a one-stop shop for supplies, and stresses superior customer service. He sees this view as a winning combination and looks forward to considerable growth in the coming years.

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