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New SGC, PWCC partnership allows streamlined grading for raw cards

PWCC Marketplace continues to partner with the sports card hobby's grading companies to offer streamlined services to collectors and investors. The latest partnership features long-time grading company SGC.

SGC and PWCC Marketplace have created a new partnership to provide a streamlined grading service enabling clients to submit raw trading cards to PWCC and receive SGC-graded cards in their vault account on an expedited timeline.

The new service will cost $20 per card.

The service includes card identification by the PWCC team, PWCC-managed shipping, a 10-day grading turnaround estimate, the elimination of value-based grading tiers and paperwork, and an autograph grading service on all manufacturer-issued autograph cards.

PWCC and SGC partnership logo.

PWCC and SGC partnership logo.

“At SGC, every decision that we make is first carefully vetted through the lens of the collectors that we are paid to serve. When assessing this collector-centric partnership, the decision to move forward was an easy one,” SGC CEO Peter Steinberg said. “We’re looking forward to joining an exciting technology platform at PWCC that will allow SGC services to be more readily available to more cards and more collectors worldwide — and that makes for a really exciting partnership.”

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SGC is one of the industry leaders in the authentication and grading of trading cards dating back to 1998. SGC made headlines this year by grading the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card (SGC Mint+ 9.5) that sold in August for $12.6 million, setting a record for trading cards and sports memorabilia.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with SGC and integrate their expert authentication services into the offerings we bring to our clients,” said Jesse Craig, vice president of sales at PWCC. “This partnership allows us to further fulfill our stated mission of bringing liquidity to all by giving owners of raw cards access to one of the industry leaders in grading and authentication.”

The cost to grade each card through the service is $20 regardless of genre, category or value. Clients can send their authenticated cards directly to auction and have the fee taken out of the final sale price or send cards directly to the vault and pay the invoice after the item is ingested.

The SGC authentication and grading service is live now and accessed via the online submission process on the PWCC website. For more information, visit:

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The ability to add authenticated assets directly to the PWCC Vault is also being extended to all of PWCC’s authentication partners.

All raw trading cards submitted for authentication services with Beckett, CSG/CGC, Mike Baker Authenticated and SGC can now be stored in a submitter’s PWCC Vault Account. Beckett authentication and grading services also have reduced pricing. Submission prices to BGS/BVG are now $25 per item.

Grading prices for each service is as follows:

• Beckett: $25 per card. Includes sub-grades, auto grading and a 10-day estimated turnaround.

• CSG/CGC: $20 per card. Includes auto grading and 10-day estimated turnaround.

• SGC: $20 per card. Includes auto grading and 10-day estimated turnaround.

• MBA: $6 per card if stored in Vault, $3 per card if committed to auction or sold within 30 days of curation. Authentication service: Each card receives a custom condition report card and is sealed in a custom toploader.

For specifics on each offering, visit