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PWCC Marketplace is now offering free vault storage on all trading cards valued at $50 or more, with no archival or processing fees.

The free service for the PWCC Vault follows a long-term promise by the company to make trading card storage more accessible for all collectors. In April, the company eliminated all storage fees for its vault services.

PWCC Marketplace is offering free vault storage for all cards valued at $50 or more.

PWCC Marketplace is offering free vault storage for all cards valued at $50 or more.

“Every collector should have access to the powerful safety, security, liquidity and collection management offerings that vaulting provides,” said Chris Callahan, director of marketing at PWCC. “To provide that access, we must make the vault accessible to all users and to all types of trading cards. By removing vault fees on the majority of authenticated trading cards, we’re eliminating the main barrier associated with accessing the benefits of a trading card vault.”

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The price for cards valued less than $50 is a one-time archival fee of $3 per card. Archive fees will be waived if a card valued at less than $50 is sold or committed to an auction before the first of the following month after being archived.

No storage fees apply to any trading cards in the PWCC Vault. All cards are secured, insured and made available to sell on any PWCC marketplace. They are manageable and observable using the company’s Vault Portfolio software, which includes up-to-date valuations of assets and high-resolution imaging.

The trading card vault at PWCC Marketplace.

The trading card vault at PWCC Marketplace.

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Cards are also available to be used for PWCC’s Capital offerings. PWCC recently established a $175 million asset-based credit facility through Whitehawk Capital Partners, LP to expand its innovative PWCC Capital Lending Program. The funds are used to offer loans and cash advances to clients using trading cards as collateral.

“The PWCC Vault is a great enabler for collectors,” Callahan said. “It creates the ability to observe your assets immediately via your computer or the mobile app, to manage your collection, to trade on markets that are open 24/7, and to leverage liquidity options.”

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