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PWCC Marketplace and Certified Sports Guaranty have launched a new program designed to help make it easier for buyers and sellers of sports card to get raw cards graded quicker.

The program, announced last week by PWCC, was created through a new partnership between PWCC and the Certified Collectibles Group, the parent company of CSG.

The program, which began April 28, includes PWCC-managed submissions, shipping, estimated 10-day grading turnarounds, no value-based grading tiers and no upfront fees.

“This offering is now the fastest and easiest pathway for customers looking to grade the vast majority of raw trading cards currently in circulation,” said Jesse Craig, director of business development for PWCC.

“The partnership removes the major hurdles associated with grading and selling raw trading cards. You submit your raw cards once to PWCC, and we take it from there. No upfront costs. No multiple packages to send out or shipping labels to manage. No lengthy submission forms to fill and print. No estimating card values. No worrying about turnaround times or insurance. You send your cards in, they get graded by experts, and they go up to auction at the leading trading card auction house. It is now that easy to sell your raw cards.”

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The new grading and selling program is accessed via an online submission process on the PWCC website and is managed through the PWCC Vault.

The new CSG grading process for raw cards at PWCC Marketplace.

The new CSG grading process for raw cards at PWCC Marketplace.

Sports cards sent to CCG receive priority grading and encapsulation through CSG. Non-sports cards receive priority through CGC Trading Cards. Graded cards are returned to PWCC and immediately added to PWCC’s Auction Builder Curation Algorithm process, which optimizes cards for sale in upcoming PWCC Weekly Sunday auctions.

The cost to grade each card is $20 regardless of genre, category, size or value. All submissions are estimated to have a 10-day turnaround time. There is no limit to the number of cards a client can submit.

Grading fees will not be charged upfront and instead will be collected from the final sale of the cards at PWCC.

“Through this partnership we have developed a logistical platform that enables a fast, efficient and secure grading process,” Craig said. “PWCC looked to CCG as a partner for this offering as they have demonstrated continued sophistication in the market through their leadership, innovation, mature software and robust operations. Their track record of handling high volumes and holding timelines is critical to enabling this service.”

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With the grading timeline often critical to buying and selling cards quickly, the two companies have implemented joint operational processes that allow for a quicker grading process.

“This partnership enables more collectors to benefit from our expert, impartial and efficient card grading services,” said Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of CCG. “With our fast turnaround times, affordable pricing and the industry’s best holders, we look forward to seeing more cards certified by CSG and CGC Trading Cards on PWCC Marketplace.”

Since its launch in February 2021, CSG has graded and shipped more than 750,000 sports cards. It ranks among the top third-party sports card grading services by grading capacity, along with PSA and Beckett.

CSG continues to invest in and enhance its grading operations, adding new digital tools, including a more streamlined online submission form, and vowing to offer the fastest turnaround times and pricing in the industry. The company recently unveiled a new label to match its holder for enhancing and preserving sports cards and has launched a CSG Population Report and CSG Registry.

A 2000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady card encapsulated in CSG's new labels and holders.

A 2000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady card encapsulated in CSG's new labels and holders.

For more information on the new program, visit the PWCC submission page here.