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Rare Ty Cobb-signed T206 card up for bid at PWCC

Ty Cobb trading cards are rare, with cards featuring his autograph even more rare. PWCC Marketplace has a signed Cobb card coming to market in its May auction.
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Though Ty Cobb was widely known as one of baseball’s most ornery players, he did often sign his autograph on baseballs and even his own photos.

But he rarely signed the T206 tobacco trading cards that were popular in his day. As a result, Cobb-signed cards are extremely rare.

Cobb cards in general are rare, with only six from his playing days selling at auction over the past 18 years. But PWCC Marketplace has a 1909-11 T206 Ty Cobb Green Portrait card that has been signed by one of the greatest players of all time.

A T206 Ty Cobb Green Portrait card signed by Cobb.

A T206 Ty Cobb Green Portrait card signed by Cobb.

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The signed card, which has been authenticated by PSA and graded PR 1, will be up for bid in PWCC’s May Premier Auction, which opens May 5 and runs through May 19.

“The PWCC Premier Auction occasionally sees cards go to the block that are incredibly unlikely to ever surface again,” said Jesse Craig, director of business development at PWCC Marketplace. “This Ty Cobb autographed card fits that category. This is such a rare card that it likely won’t change hands again for some time.”

Back of a T206 Ty Cobb Green Portrait card signed by card.

Back of a T206 Ty Cobb Green Portrait card signed by card.

Cobb’s T206 Green Portrait cards are valued at more than $350,000 in a PSA 8 grade, according to PSA. A PR 1 grade is valued at $3,900, according to PSA, but the rare autograph should add significant value to the card. For instance, an unsigned 1955 Roberto Clemente PSA 1 card sold for $985 in a December auction. By comparison, a PSA 1 with a Clemente autograph sold for $77,797.

“The on-card autograph market for vintage cards has seen a tremendous rise in value over the past few years,” Craig said. “Further, the demand for every T206 Cobb remains incredibly high. The T206 set is still one of the most popular sets in the industry, if not the most popular.”

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