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Pocket Schedule Website Now Live

They can be found in every sports fans' wallet - pocket schedules. And while many of us toss them away at the end of the year, there's one website hoping to preserve them.
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It’s one of the oldest sports and entertainment collectibles around, and it’s rapidly growing in popularity, probably because it’s the most important, yet most disposable part of every sports event – the pocket schedule.

“Sports pocket schedules are the most under-appreciated bits of sports Americana on the market today,” said Michael Ross, the creator of “We hope collectors will get energized and involved in the hobby, and that will help.”
The website has goals of becoming the foremost pocket schedule collecting site, complete with articles, history, pictures, news and a special free section where visitors can post both items for trade/sale and their want-lists.

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The site aims to include all teams in the major and minor leagues – past and present. The site’s focus will be on MLB, the NFL. NBA and NHL, but with fans help, the site’s goal is to effectively present information on everything from the minors and NASCAR to tennis and concerts.

Project collectors are urged to visit the site, see what’s missing and then send/donate scans of the missing schedules to

Ross said the site can also use a narrative about the schedule, such as the name of the sponsor, the number of known variations and a short historical paragraph on each one.

“We know that there are some hidden pocket schedule treasures out there that no one has seen in years, and we hope to collect a scan of it and post it on our site,” Ross said.

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