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Six Nike Air Jordan sneakers from Michael Jordan’s six championship-clinching games will be on display at the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG) calls the Dynasty Collection “the most important group of game-worn sneakers ever assembled.” CSG authenticated the sneakers and will display them for the first time at the convention this week in Atlantic City.

Jordan gave away one of his sneakers after he claimed his first NBA title with the Chicago Bulls in 1991. The tradition continued through his sixth title in 1998.

CSG says the sneakers are “in a remarkable state of preservation, not unlike the day Jordan took them off in the locker room.”

“Even after examining the world’s most important collectibles for four decades, the Dynasty Collection had the power to take my breath away,” said Mark Salzberg, chairman of CSG’s Certified Collectibles Group. “For the role these shoes play in our collective consciousness, how they relate to sports, fashion and celebrity, they are the contemporary Ruby Slippers, only rarer.”

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The Dynasty Collection includes all six of his championship-winning shoes, from the Nike Air Jordan VI he wore in 1991 to the Air Jordan XIV “Last Shot” kicks in 1998.

The Dynasty Collection includes a Nike Air Jordan sneaker from each of Michael Jordan's six NBA championships.

The Dynasty Collection includes a Nike Air Jordan sneaker from each of Michael Jordan's six NBA championships.

Jordan’s sneakers are among the most valuable items in the sports collectible hobby. Sotheby’s recently sold a pair of Jordan’s earliest known regular-season Nikes for a record $1.5 million.

“I’ve had the privilege of handling some of the rarest sneakers in the world, and this group is truly a grail like no other,” said Brahm Wachter, Sotheby’s head of Streetwear and Modern Collectibles. “Michael Jordan game-worn sneakers are among the most sought after and valuable sneakers for collectors. … To have all six game-worn, championship Michael Jordan sneakers in one set is absolutely unbelievable and should not be missed by any Jordan fan or collector while they can see them.”

CSG took thousands of hi-res photos of the shoes during the authentication process. The images are being made available in a virtual museum at Fans can sign up at to get a first look.

“CSG was honored and thrilled to be entrusted to certify the authenticity and provenance of the Dynasty Collection,” said Andy Broome, vice president of CSG. “Evaluating the sneakers — the innovative designs, the quality of materials, the scuffs and scratches accumulated on the court — and pouring over the game photos took me back to that incredible era when Jordan and the Bulls ruled the sports world.”

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