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Lelands launches new ‘Pop-Up’ auctions for low-priced sports cards, memorabilia

Lelands new “Pop-Up” auctions target collectors looking for low-priced sports cards and collectibles.

Lelands has launched new “Pop-Up” auctions for collectors looking to buy sports cards and memorabilia at lower prices.

Lelands Winter Pop-Up Auction opened Sunday night. The auction features hundreds of sports cards and memorabilia items that were once part of large, high-value collections.

Lelands new “Pop-Up” auctions.

Lelands new “Pop-Up” auctions.

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Lelands plans to hold the “pop-up” auctions whenever it accumulates enough important material to hold the special auctions.

Pop-Up items are considered “odd lots” that were up for bid but were held out of Lelands’ main auction because they didn’t carry a high enough value on their own and Lelands didn’t have enough similar items to group together to make a new lot worthy of their high-end Classic Auction.

So, what should “Pop-Up” bidders expect? According to Lelands, there is something for everyone, with lots of “steals and deals,” as well as competitive bidding on vintage and modern sports cards and memorabilia. A majority of the items are being offered with low minimum bids to create more bidding.

Based on its past Pop-Up experience, Lelands expects plenty of valuable and attractive lots to fly under the radar in the auctions.

Lelands Winter Pop-Up Auction runs for two weeks, closing at 10 PM ET on Sunday, January 22.

For more information, please contact Laura Dreyfus at or call 631-455-7641.