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Goldin, PSA launch new services to help collectors sell raw cards

Goldin and PSA have introduced two new programs designed to make it easier for collectors to get raw cards graded and sold.

Goldin and PSA have launched two new services to give card collectors another fast and easy way to submit raw cards for grading and sale through the Goldin marketplace.

The new programs — Grading with Goldin and Rip & Flip — offer two-week turnaround times for PSA authentication and grading on cards valued at $499 and above, with no upfront costs. 

Launching on July 27, Grading with Goldin is available to collectors with ungraded cards. Anyone can participate and additional benefits are available for those submitting items to be sold through Goldin. 

The programs allow collectors to submit raw cards to Goldin, get them graded by PSA within two weeks, and have them listed on the Goldin Marketplace instantly. When a card sells, the grading fee is deducted from the proceeds.

A PSA card grader grades a card at the company's California headquarters.

A PSA card grader grades a card at the company's California headquarters.

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Goldin is also partnering with breaking platforms and hobby shops, including FilthBomb Breaks, Loupe, The Coffee Breakers, Roadshow Cards and The Hobby Australia to launch “Rip & Flip,” which allows breakers and hobby shops to save customers time and money on shipping and listing items on other marketplaces by using Goldin’s new one-stop program.

Through Rip & Flip, when collectors pull a big card, they can choose to have that card sent directly to Goldin to be graded by PSA and listed for sale on Goldin’s marketplace. Participants will have a grading turnaround time of two weeks or better and won’t pay grading fees until their card sells. More information can be found at

“The hard and soft costs associated with collecting are at all-time highs for consumers today,” said Goldin Executive Chairman and Founder Ken Goldin. “Collectors have to ship their cards multiple times — to be photographed, graded and listed — all in hopes that they can find a buyer who ends up paying and is happy when they receive their items.

“Grading With Goldin and Rip & Flip makes collecting a seamless process and eliminates all of that leg work. Our goal is to allow everyone to capitalize on our expertise, industry-leading reputation and highly-trafficked auctions to get the best prices for their items. These new services are the easiest way to have items professionally authenticated, graded and automatically listed for sale with no upfront costs.”

Goldin Auctions Founder Ken Goldin.

Goldin Auctions Founder Ken Goldin.

“PSA is always looking to support the growth of the hobby by providing innovative tools and services that make collecting a more enjoyable experience,” said PSA President Kevin Lenane. “We're excited to partner with Goldin to create a one-stop-shop where every collector has seamless access to two of the industry's most trusted brands.”

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“In talking with some of Loupe’s most serious collectors, we learned that quick and easy liquidity was at the top of their wish list,” said Loupe founder and CEO Eric Doty. “With Rip & Flip, the industry’s best are teaming up to further streamline the process of getting cards graded, listed and sold. We’re thrilled to join Goldin and PSA to give our collectors the efficient program they’ve been asking for.”

Goldin will be on-site the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City at corporate booth #2020 and dealer booth #901.

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