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Goldin taking on eBay, PWCC with launch of new marketplace

Goldin Co. is expanding its services by creating a one-stop-shop marketplace for buying, selling and grading trading cards and other collectibles.

Goldin Co., one of the hobby’s leading auction houses, has been expanding its collector services since it was purchased by Collectors in 2021.

Now it is taking on eBay, PWCC Marketplace and other big card and memorabilia sellers with the launch of Goldin Marketplace, a one-stop-shop platform for buying and selling trading cards, historical memorabilia and other collectibles like video games, VHS tapes, toys and more.

The Goldin Marketplace will offer collectors authentication and grading services from PSA, its sister company, access to the Collectors Vault as well as a buying and selling marketplace. The integration of these services creates a one-stop-shop platform for collectors to research, grade, buy, sell, vault and insure items seamlessly. 

The new Goldin Marketplace will include a marketplace for buyers and sellers, Weekly Auctions and Elite Auctions.

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Goldin says the new marketplace will offer sellers an improved customer experience by eliminating multiple steps in the selling process, from grading to shipping to listing and finding a buyer.

eBay and PWCC offer similar services through partnerships with grading companies like Beckett, SCG, CSG and MBA. Both marketplaces also offer vault service.

The Goldin Marketplace will also offer an “always-on” marketplace where buyers can make an offer and purchase cards instantly. The service also includes Weekly Auctions with items starting at just $5. Both services launched on Tuesday.

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“There are too many pain points in collecting today,” Goldin CEO Ross Hoffman said. “From authentication and grading, to listing, selling, communicating with buyers, getting paid and then shipping again. We want to take the work out of collecting and allow collectors to focus more on what they love.

“By integrating all of our services and capabilities into one platform, the Goldin Marketplace is creating the easiest, safest, most trusted way to enjoy collecting. Collecting should be fun, and by eliminating friction we’re making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.”

Goldin was purchased in 2021 by Collectors, which owns such authentication and grading companies as PSA, PCGS and Wata.