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Ted Williams Items Stolen During Auction Preview

It wasn't at a major sports auction house, but when personal items of Ted Williams turn up missing after an auction preview, it's still newsworthy.
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Ted Williams’ hunting license and personal notes on local fishing holes were stolen during an auction preview conducted by Knotty Pine Auction Service in Swanzey, N.H., on June 4.

The stolen items could have brought up to $1,000 or more according to auctioneer John Pappas. “Someone needed it badly before the sale,” Pappas said after the auction.

The 1970 non-resident, New Hampshire hunting license for “Theodore Williams” was taken from the Knotty Pine Auction Service. The auction featured memorabilia and other items from the living estate of Dolores Wettach Williams, the Red Sox legend’s third wife. The license was in a small, aluminum, pinback holder attached to Dolores’ denim fishing cap. The notes were tucked into the hat, Pappas said.

Williams was married to Dolores, a high-fashion model and actress, for six years, from 1967-73.