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A strong mix of game-used bats, game-used jerseys and a high-grade single-signed Babe Ruth ball capped Vintage Authentics' recent auction. The auction ended March 2.

The Ruth ball was graded PSA 7.5 and sold for $22,898 with the buyer's premium. The Goldsmith New York Club horsehide cover ball was also authenticated by James Spence. Another Ruth-signed ball, this one lower grade, but also featuring Lou Gehrig's signature, sold for $7,557.

Leading the way for jerseys was a Terry Bradshaw 1978 game-used SandKnit was graded 7.5 by MEARS and sold for $16,766. Three other jerseys that hit the $10,000 mark: Pee Wee Reese 1957 game-used Spalding road flannel Dodgers jersey graded A7 ($10,671); Dan Marino 1983-84 game-used Russell Athletic aqua Dolphins jersey graded A10 ($10,081); and a Roger Staubach circa 1974-75 game-used Southland manufactured white Cowboys jersey graded A6 ($10,355).

The top game-used bat in the auction turned out to be a circa 1945 H&B Louisville Slugger Mel Ott, graded A7 by MEARS, which sold for $17,538. A circa 1930s Kren's Klouter Lou Gehrig graded A7 ($14,853) and a 1921-31 H&B Louisville Slugger Babe Ruth graded A5 ($10,409) also topped the $10,000 mark.

Other top game-used jerseys included: Walter Payton 1984-85 Wilson white Bears A6 ($1,893); Ichiro Suzuki 2001 Russell Athletic home Mariners rookie jersey ($4,535); Barry Bonds 2001 Russell Athletic gray road Giants jersey ($4,427); Alex Rodriguez 1994 Russell Athletic home Mariners rookie jersey ($7,001); Don Mattingly 1993 Russell Athletic home Yankees jersey ($3,963); Pete Rose 1971 Wilson flannel road gray Reds autographed jersey graded A3 ($2,843); Mike Schmidt 1989 Rawlings home white Phillies pinstripe autographed jersey ($2,765); Marino 1991 Wilson aqua Dolphins jersey ($3,272); John Elway 1997 Nike road white Broncos jersey ($4,559); Ben Roethlisberger 2004 Reebok road white Steelers rookie jersey ($4,023); Barry Sanders 1993 Wilson home blue Lions autographed jersey ($3,702); LeBron James 2003-04 Reebok home white Cavs rookie jersey ($3,456); and a Kevin Garnett 1995-96 Champion road blue Timberwolves rookie jersey with a huge autograph ($3,384).

Other top game-used bats included: 1934-37 H&B Louisville Slugger Rogers Hornsby A8 ($6,090); post-1930 Hanna Batrite Babe Ruth A5 ($6,462); post-1930 Hanna Batrite Gehrig A3 ($4,946); 1958-60 Adirondack Mickey Mantle A3 ($2,132); 1950-60 Louisville Slugger Ted Williams A4.5 ($2,839); post-1930 Hanna Batrite Jimmie Foxx A5 ($5,028); 1961-64 Louisville Slugger Ernie Banks autographed A4 ($5,307); 1968-70 Adirondack Willie Mays A3 ($1,719); 1952-57 Adirondack Eddie Mathews autographed rookie era A5.5 ($2,287); 1961-64 Louisville Slugger Hank Aaron autographed A6 ($3,270); 1965-68 Louisville Slugger Harmon Killebrew autographed A8 ($4,148); and a 1969-72 Louisville Slugger Frank Robinson autographed A7 ($2,459).

Some other key items in the auction were: a 1953 Billy Martin World Series game-used fielder's glove with provenance ($3,910); Gehrig autographed menu ($4,462); 1941 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio GAI 7 ($3,072); 1952 Topps Baseball partial low-number set ($5,314); 1973 Alabama Crimson Tide National Champs autographed football ($6,464); Jackie Robinson autographed inscription baseball ($3,050); and a 1978 New York Yankees team-signed baseball ($1,468).

Vintage Authentics next auction will close on July 13. For more information, visit their website at or call 866-304-3090.

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