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Auction Results

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Here's a list of all the recent auction , with links to each site to view the results.
Collectible Classics, Oct. 30 (see results)
Premier Auctions, Oct. 30 (see results)
Mastro Auctions Classic Collector, Oct. 29-30 (see results)
19th Century Only, Oct. 24
(see results)
Inside the Park Collectibles, Oct. 24 (see results)
Huggins and Scott, Oct. 22-23 (see results)
Classic Collectibles - QUE, Oct. 21 (see results)
Green Jacket Auctions, Oct. 19 (see results)
Heritage Auction Galleries Signature, Oct. 18 (see results)
Coach's Corner, Oct.10 (see results)
Premier Auctions, Oct. 2 (see results)
Mile High Card Co., Oct. 1 (see results)
Vintage Authentics, Sept. 25 (see results)
Memory Lane, Sept. 13 (see results)
Coach's Corner, Sept. 12 (see results), Sept. 11 (see results)
Grey Flannel Basketball HOF Enshrinement Auction, Sept. 6 (see results)
Premier Auctions, Aug. 29 (see results)
Iconic Memorabilia, Aug. 29 (see results)
Mastro Auctions, Aug. 27-28 (see results)
Collectible Classics, Aug. 22 (see results)
Inside the Park Collectibles, Aug. 22 (see results)
Fusco Auctions, Aug. 16 (see results)
Mastro Auctions live event, Aug. 1(see results)
Premier Auctions July 31( see results)
Ironclad Authentics, July 27 see results)
EAC Gallery, July 24( see results)
19th Century Only, July 18( see results)
Vintage Authentics, July 17( see results)
Hunt Auctions DHL All-Star FanFest, July 14-15( see results)
SCP Auctions, July 12( see results), July 10( see results)
Huggins & Scott, July 9-10 ( see results)

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