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Winners of the Auravison Records Drawing ...

A couple of months back when we ran a cool two-part feature on the 1960s Auravision Records, we included with the article a couple of paragraphs explaining how collectors could enter to win samples of the 1964 Auravision Records in a random drawing.


Well, I am a little bit late doing the random drawing part, but better late than never. A number of readers sent in their entries for a chance to win any of the three prizes, and the winners picked out are as follows:

First Prize (5 records: Rocky Colavito, Frank Robinson, Warren Spahn, Whitey Ford and Pete Ward) – John Wopershall of Youngstown, Ohio

Second Prize (4 records: Jim Gentile, Ernie Banks, Ward and Robinson) – Jim Newsom of Virginia Beach, Va.

Third Prize (3 records: Gentile, Ward and Banks) – John Maiorino of Woodhaven, N.Y.

Congratulations to all three, and, as they say, thanks for playing. We also thank former major leaguer pitcher John Gray, who was featured in the two-part article about the Auravision Records, and donated the dozen records for the drawing.