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Which Franchise has Featured the Best QBs?

In a preview of an article coming in the April 4 issue of Sports Collectors Digest, columnist Larry Canale takes a look at the quarterback history of NFL franchises and makes his picks for the best quartet of quarterbacks among NFL teams.

Without tipping his hand, there are some tough choices, but it's a little harder than you think. Picking two quarterbacks is fairly easy, ripping off Joe Montana/Steve Young, Terry Bradshaw/Ben Roethlisberger and Bart Starr/Brett Favre with ease. But picking another two per franchise and coming up with a composite recommendation is much more difficult.

So much like picking the top pitching staffs in baseball history, I'm asking readers to pick the best quartet of quarterbacks from a particular franchise over the course of professional football.

Here's a hint, the quarterbacks discussed above are definitely a part of the equation.

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