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Upper Deck 2008 Timelines Cuts

A new set is on the way from Upper Deck - Timelines Cuts. The set includes cut autographs of only deceased ballplayers. Sound morbid? Nope, it sounds pretty cool.
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Upper Deck announced it was able to get the new 2008 Timelines Cuts completed pretty quickly.

"I wanted to pass along some images of some of the more rare players I was able to get access to," said UD's Chris Carlin. " In this set, it will only feature deceased players/personalities from MLB. Lots of cool Hall-of-Famers in here and quite a few players who don’t have many cut autographs out there in the market."

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The entire checklist is available here.

These will begin shipping this week to collectors who registered exchange cards. Also, Upper Deck is completing the 2008 Upper Deck Iconic Cuts at this time, as well. They feature a variety of personalities from all sports, and Hollywood as well. Images to come of those.

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