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Upper Deck honoring heroes on cards amid pandemic, seeks nominations

Upper Deck is shining a light on heroes off the sports field who are making a difference each day amid the coronavirus pandemic and is seeking nominations to be featured on cards in the latest Genuine Heroes series.


“We are seeing new heroes emerge in our communities each day,” Upper Deck states. “They are stay-at-home parents who are now serving as teachers, grocery store employees, doctors, nurses, police and many more! We want to hear your stories of heroes you’ve met so we can look to include them in a new Genuine Heroes set.

“Nominate a COVID-19 hero you know by sharing a high-resolution image of them (make sure you get their approval) with us by tagging Upper Deck on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #GenuineHeroes.

“The first round of these cards will only be available digitally as a way to create awareness for the efforts of these genuine heroes. Should Upper Deck move forward with producing physical cards, it would be part of a charitable offering with all proceeds going to support a cause to end this disease or support individuals suffering from it.”

The current checklist of Genuine Heroes include police, military, teachers, and members of fire departments.”

The first group of new heroes were shared by Upper Deck on Wednesday:

Madison Kelly is a 12-year-old sports fan who has made over 400 masks to share with hospital staff, EMS and first responders. Thanks for making a difference Madison!


Marie Pecora is an emergency room nurse in New York facing unspeakable challenges. And she also happens to be a collector! Thanks for all you are doing on the front lines Marie!


Mary Scott Buck is making a difference in her small community in Kentucky. She’s organized a group to help people find items in short supply while providing many services to the community! Great work Mary!


Upper Deck will be announcing more each day so stay tuned. 

“It is really awesome to be able to shine a light on their good works,” Upper Deck states. 

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