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Almost:UD's Free Pack of Cards to Collectors Vanishes With A.L. All-Star Win

As part of its Historic First Predictor insert set earlier this year, Upper Deck promised something big if the National League All-Stars finally beat their American League counterparts. That "something big" might be a pack of cards to every fan/collector in the U.S. Alas, it didn't happen.
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In February, inside its 2009 Upper Deck Series One Baseball product, Upper Deck released a nine-card insert set entitled: “Historic Firsts Predictors.” The sports card giant made nine bold predictions and stated that if any of them came true during the course of 2009 that it would “do something big.”

One of the those predictors dealt with tonight’s 2009 MLB All-Star Game, Upper Deck is poised and ready to put into motion a special nationwide promotion that would yield a free baseball card packto fans across the country (one per customer, while supplies last), provided the National League prevails in this evening’s 80th running of the Mid-Summer Classic. That’s right, because Upper Deck put the prediction out there and said it would do something big if the NL All-Stars prevailed – they haven’t won since 1996 – now is the time to get ready for something big. And “big” is providing packs of Upper Deck baseball cards to fans across the nation, but only if Albert Pujols and company can pull out a victory.

However, the American League won again, 4-3, culminating in a streak that dates back to 1996. You'd think the odds would fall the other way at some point.

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