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Torn Honus Wagner card sells for $475K at SCP Auctions

The rare, iconic T206 Honus Wagner card is so valuable that even half of the card attracted big dollars at SCP Auctions.

In December, SCP Auctions raised an intriguing question: What is half of a T206 Honus Wagner card worth?

SCP had a Wagner card in its Winter Premier Auction that was torn nearly in half, with only Wagner’s face and part of his body showing. With the rare, iconic card generally selling for more than $1-$3 million and setting the all-time sports card record last year at more than $6.6 million, the half-card was still expected to attract a staggering price.

It did, selling Saturday for $475,960.

The card, which had been in the collection of an unnamed collector since 1995, is graded “PSA Genuine” and is believed to be one of the first cards ever graded by PSA. It remains in the original holder PSA used to encapsulate cards more than 25 years ago and carries a PSA certification number of 00000002.

A T206 Honus Wagner card that is torn almost in half is up for auction at SCP Auctions.

Torn Honus Wager card that sold for $475K at SCP Auctions. 

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The card, believed to be of only about 60 Wagner cards in existence, generated 18 bids and was the highest selling item among 574 lots.

The back of a T206 Honus Wager card that is torn almost in half is up for auction at SCP Auctions.

Back of torn Honus Wagner card at SCP Auctions. 

The auction also made pre-auction headlines with the three home run balls hit by the Atlanta Braves during Game 6 of the 2021 World Series. The ball from the mammoth home run hit by Jorge Soler, which was retrieved by two brothers outside MinuteMaid Park, sold for $70,745. The ball from Freddie Freeman’s seventh-inning home run sold for $23,351. The third home run ball, hit by Dansby Swanson, did not meet the pre-auction reserve price. 

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