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MLB showcasing baby pictures

In a unique partnership, Topps and Team Baby Entertainment to feature trading cards of MLB stars as kids.
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Topps and Team Baby Entertainment have teamed up to distribute limited-edition trading cards featuring photos of favorite MLB players when they were babies. Fans who purchase MLB-themed Team Baby Entertainment titles, available now at Toys ’R Us or Babies ’R Us, will receive the limited-edition Topps baby card packaged with the DVD.

An all-star list of MLB players have signed on to have their baby portraits plastered on these new collectible Topps Cards, which are only being made available at Toys ’R Us and Babies ’R Us in limited quantities. In New York, fans who purchase the New York Yankees Baby or the New York Mets Baby DVD will also get the exclusive cards featuring Johnny Damon and David Wright. Fans of the Red Sox will also get a Topps card with David Ortiz as a “Little Papi” when they purchase the Red Sox Baby DVD. The newest Team Baby title, the L.A. Dodgers Baby, will be released in August and will include a card featuring a baby faced Russ Martin.