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Topps Reveals Heritage Plans for 2012

Topps Heritage is one of the most awaited sets of the years. In 2012, the motif will be 1963 Topps Baseball, with special nods to the set and year. Delivery date is set for March.

As one of the trading card sets collectors look forward to every year, Topps Heritage Baseball has set itself apart from most other baseball sets. In 2012, the hallmark brand will have the look of 1963 Topps Baseball.


Topps Heritage will have one autograph or relic card in every box. The 500-card base set in the classic 1963 Topps design will feature all the biggest Veterans and Rookies, plus League Leaders, World Series Highlights, Rookie Stars cards, team cards, combo cards, and Managers. The last 75 cards are short-printed and inserted 1:3 packs.

Parallels in the set will be three-tiered, each containing 100 cards. They are as follows: Chrome: sequentially numbered to 1,963, Chrome Refractors sequentially numbered to 563 and black-bordered Chrome Refractors sequentially numbered to 63.

There will be plenty of nods to 1963 aside from the design. Some cards will compare the stats of a current player to one who played in 1963, highlights from the 1963 season, news from the year 1963 and Topps Stick-Ons will return in reproduction form and original 1963 buy-backs.

All autographs in Topps Heritage will be on card. Product is expected to ship the week of March 12. Those interested in a checklist of the product, e-mail SCD with the subject line "Topps Heritage."

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