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Topps Going Gold in 2012

It seems the diamonds Topps was giving away in 2011 was just the tip of the iceberg. According to and Chris Olds (of Beckett), collectors will be seeking out gold in 2012.


With the 2012 Topps Baseball design already revealed, more details are coming ou on some of the promotions. In the coming year, the predominant theme will be gold. Topps has said that every sixth pack of 2012 Topps Baseball will include a Golden Giveaway code card that could unlock a Golden Moments version of any card in the set. The Golden Moments card has a piece of real gold embedded into it.

Collectors will also be searching for 15 one-of-a-kind Solid Golden Greats cards made of solid gold as well as Golden Moments 24-karat gold leaf cards with gold foil stamping. There will also be insert cards on the themes of Golden Moments, Golden Greats, Gold Standard and Gold Futures.

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