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Topps Chrome: Encounters of the Collectible Kind

Topps Chrome will be available in August with a host of new additions, including die-cut cards and Chrome buybacks.

Topps Chrome will return this August with every hobby guaranteed to have two autographed cards with the big draw being the rookie autographed cards.

New cards for the set in 2012 include: Dual autographs, Chrome Encounters, autographed Chrome buybacks, Dynamic Die-Cuts and Cut from the Same Cloth. The dual autograph cards will feature at least 10 different combinations.


The buyback cards are 10 autographed repurchased Chrome rookie cards of stars that never had a Chrome Autographed Rookie. The Chrome Encounters are new this year and numbered to 10 or less. The Dynamic Die Cuts feature 50 stars of the game on die-cut refractor technology – autographed versions will be numbered to 25 or less. And finally, the Cut from the Same Cloth cards will feature autographs on both sides of the card and numbered to 5.


Autographed rookie cards will feature at least 25 players on card with numerous levels of parallels.

Product is expected to ship the week of Aug. 20. Hobby shop orders are due Mar. 20.

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