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Immediately after the 2021 World Series, Topps began churning out special Topps Now cards to commemorate the Atlanta Braves’ first World Series championship since 1995.

But the hobby’s leading baseball card company was in such a rush to create the cards and send them out that it made a couple of glaring errors — errors that may go down as two of the worst in trading card history.

The back of the cards in the 15-card World Series set says the Braves won the series in five games and credited manager Dusty Baker. 

Topps 2021 World Series card that features two glaring errors.

The back of a 2021 Topps World Series card. 

"Guided by a series filled with timely hits and brilliant pitches performances, the Dusty Baker-led squad is on top of the MLB," the cards read. 

The Braves clinched the World Series with a 7-0 win over the Houston Astros in Game 6, not Game 5. And Baker, of course, is the manager of the Astros, not the Braves. The winning squad was led by manager Brian Snitker, who famously won his first World Series in his 40th year with the Braves organization.

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Topps began shipping orders of the cards last week and collectors quickly noticed the errors.

Some collectors and Braves fans were understandably upset with the errors. 

Topps apologized for the errors and promised to send buyers replacement cards. 

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