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Topps Provide a 'Ticket to Stardom'

Topps is now offering the chance to appease to collecting segments at once – card collectors and ticket stub collectors. How's that possible? Come along and check out the details of Topps Baseball Ticket to Stardom.
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Topps is putting a new twist on ticket stub collecting – they now come in packs of trading cards.

The new 2009 Ticket to Stardom Baseball features official MLB ticket stubs. From the World Series and Opening Day to the World Baseball Classic and Rookie Debuts, Topps will offer stubs as inserts in its 225 base-card set (including) 25 rookies.

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Every box will also feature three “hits,” one autographed relic card, one triple relic card (two game-used pieces and a ticket stub) and one Dual Relic card one game-used piece and a ticket stub). Also look for Buyback stubs.

All cards are sequentially numbered. 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom Baseball ships the week of August 17 and carries a $5 suggested retail price per pack.