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Topps Gives New Look to 2009 Allen & Ginter

The initial press on 2009's version of Topps Allen & Ginter product was all about Bernie Madoff. Now here's the rest of the details, including a new look for the base cards in the series.
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The ever-popular Allen & Ginter Baseball is sill three months away from hitting hobby shelves, but it has not stopped the collecting community from buzzing.

This year’s offering not only features a new-look base-card design and more quirkiness than ever, but Topps has stepped up the content in a big way…EACH HOBBY BOX NOW GUARANTEES 3 HITS!, which include Autographs, Relics, Cut Signatures, Rip Cards and Printing Plates. From a strand of Napoleon’s Hair to autographs from Ryan Howard and Michael Phelps, 2009 Allen & Ginter has it all.

A breakdown of the product…

Base Cards (350 subjects)

Mini Parallel – Original-sized version of base card (1:1)
Allen & Ginter Back (1:5)
Allen & Ginter Black Bordered (1:10)
Allen & Ginter No Number (limited to 50)
Bazooka Back (hand #’d to 25)
Allen & Ginter Wood (hand #’d 1 of 1) HOBBY ONLY
Printing Plates (1 of 1)
Allen & Ginter Cloth Cards (Sequentially #’d to 10)HOBBY ONLY

Allen & Ginter DNA Relics (10 subjects numbered 1 of 1) Includes Napoleon, Edgar Allen Poe and Geronimo.

Allen & Ginter Autographs…Featuring Major League Baseball Stars and champions from other sports such as Robbie Maddison (Motocross Champ), Richard Fosbury (“The Fosbury Flop”) and Kolan McConiughey (Special Olympics Bowling Champion).

Allen & Ginter Red Autographs (hand #’d in red to 10).

Allen & Ginter Relics

Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusives (50 subjects) – Numbered 351-400 (1:Rip card). HOBBY ONLY

Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusives (50 subjects) found only in Rip Cards.

Allen & Ginter National Pride (75 subjects) Players and the flag of their nations.1 per pack.

Allen & Ginter National Heroes (40 subjects) Include national heroes from around the world, e.g., George Washington, Simon Bolivar, Winston Churchill and Joan of Arc. (1:12)

Allen & Ginter Creatures of Legend, Myth, and Terror (20 subjects) Feature mythological creatures of the past and present such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Medusa and the Invisible Man(1:48)

World’s Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, and Bamboozles (20 subjects) Featuring the greatest hoaxes of all time, e.g. Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff and Enron (1:12)

Dick Perez Originals (30 subjects) – These are actual paintings on the mini card and only found in Rip Cards. HOBBY ONLY.

Baseball Highlights Sketches (25 subjects) Features reproductions of sketch cards by Brian Kong featuring some of the greatest baseball highlights of all time. (1:6)

RIP CARD (100 Subjects) (1 per case) HOBBY ONLY.

Cut Signatures (10 Subjects) Numbered 1 of 1.

Crack the Ginter Code (100 subjects) Inserted 1:12.

N43 (15)
N43 Relic (10) Hand #’d to 25.
N43 Autograph (10) Hand #’d to 15.
N43 Autographed Relic (5) Hand #’d to 5.
Cabinet Boxloaders (10)

2009 Allen & Ginter ships late June and each 8-card pack carries a $4.00 SRP.

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