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Topps is releasing its 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball set as an NFT Collection.

The new MLB NFT Collection, which will be based on the popular physical set, will be available on on Thursday, Sept. 15.

The collection features subsets such as facsimile signatures, Fresh Faces, Pure Power, Popular Demand, and for the first time as Topps NFTs, all new slab variants.

2022 Topps Pristine Mike Trout NFT.

2022 Topps Pristine Mike Trout NFT.

“With Topps Pristine being a very popular product among the collecting community for quite some time, we felt it was the perfect set to reimagine as an NFT collecting experience,” said Tobin Lent, VP & global general manager of Topps Digital. “The collection includes a variety of collectible types, including a very unique opportunity to offer cards in slabs as NFTs ,which further elevates how fans can showcase their prized possessions.”

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The 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball NFT Collection features both slab and non-slab offerings, with marquee subsets giving fans a chance to collect some of the game’s brightest young stars. Packs will be available for purchase at 1 p.m. ET Sept. 15 on

Rare and exclusive Pristine NFT subsets — Fresh Faces Facsimile Signatures and Pure Power Facsimile Signatures — will be reserved for collectors who collect the entire Pristine set by Thursday, Oct. 6 at 3 p.m. ET. Additional Challenges task collectors with chasing multiple rarities of future 2022 MLB Regular Season and Playoff MVPs; World Series MVP; Rookies of the Year; and Cy Young Award winners. Each will offer rewards in the form of NFT-exclusive original artwork digital collectibles.

2022 Topps Pristine Aaron Judge NFT.

2022 Topps Pristine Aaron Judge NFT.

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Additional details on pack quantities, contents and rarities include:

Standard Pack

$20 per pack

4 collectibles per pack

9,000 packs available

Rarity odds:

Common (54.90%)

Uncommon (40.36%)

Rare (1.70%)

Super Rare (1.65%)

Epic (1.22%)

Legendary (0.17%)

Premium Pack

$85 per pack

10 collectibles per pack

7,000 packs available

Rarity odds:

Common (49.61%)

Uncommon (35.71%)

Rare (5.00%)

Super Rare (4.79%)

Epic (4.25%)

Legendary (0.64%)

Facsimile Signature Gold Slab Epics and Popular Demand Facsimile Signature Teal Slab Legendaries are both exclusive to Premium Packs.

For more information, visit

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