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Tim Tebow More Coveted Than HOF Legends?

Tim Tebow has a large following, and it carries over to some crazy prices for his sports memorabilia.

I've written before about the strange universe that exists with investor collectors, or those who hop on the latest newcomer's bandwagon and bids like crazy on his collectibles.


For the life of me I cannot understand why bids for current players, many of them unproven over the long term, eclipse astronomical numbers compared to their Hall of Fame counterparts.

One of the latest to fit this category is Tim Tebow, quarterback of the Denver Broncos. He has a crazy following, and I believe a decent percentage of that is because of his squeaky clean image and beliefs. Yes, his college career was quite good, but as a pro, he's done little to warrant the worship.

To see where his collectibles are at, I defer to some current coverage from SCD's Online Auctioneer Don Fluckinger. Some recent selling prices for Tebow collectibles includes the following: $2,025 for a set of pink, game-used "breast cancer" cleats; $1,025 for a 2010 Exquisite rookie card; $999.99 for a 2010 National Treasures auto patch; and $650 for a team-issued (not game-used) 2010 auto jersey.

Umm, $650 for a Tebow signed jersey? How about Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, even Brett Favre instead?

As Don said in his column, now is the time to sell, sell, sell on Tebow. And if you're one of his buyers, I hope it's because your a relative.

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