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The Super Bowl Hype is a Little Insane

Was it always this way? Did I miss something in the first 33 years of my life? Wait, how could I have missed such a spectacle?

The circus known as the Super Bowl is full blown now. Being in Wisconsin with the participation of the Green Bay Packers, I might be exposed more than other parts of the country, but thus far I’ve heard or read stories about players’ hair, their tatoos, $900 parking spaces, $500,000 luxury suites, traveling salesman cashing in on Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay – and that was nearly two weeks before the game.

I understand with the two-week interval between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl there will be some odd topics brought up to fill space, but with every media outlet wanting to be the first to uncover some shocking game analysis or take a comment and run with it to the extreme, there doesn’t seem to be anything more to talk about even with more than six days left before the Super Bowl.


And with all that blather already out in the open, I have been subjected to stories about famous bars, the ranch where Dallas was filmed and I think, another round of JFK conspiracy debates. There has been live break-ins on the radio to cover Green Bay’s plane landing at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

I’m sure previous Super Bowls weren’t this ridiculous in coverage, right? Game analysis was No. 1, followed by features on interesting players, yes? But that was before Twitter, where players make up their own headlines, and the media, hungry for anything – good or bad – runs with it like it’s a government leak or a celebrity falling off the wagon.

This is why I enjoy the championship format for other professional sports. Yes, those are more than one game, but the lag time is often only a few days and you don’t have reporters from MTV Kabul covering it just to become a YouTube sensation.

All I want is to be able to do is turn on the local news and not have to listen to Barney Barstool’s thoughts on the team with the best water boy.