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The best YouTube video you will ever see ...

Typically when I do these blog entries I will aggregate them later in the week and edit them to more appropriately fit the print edition of Sports Collectors Digest. I am not sure that this next entry will allow for that maneuver.
(This is going to sound weird, but my computer prints these webstie addresses in invisible ink, so the address is actually on the line above this, but you can't see it. I think it has something to do with the CIA or Wikileaks or something like that. Just trust me and click your mouse above this graph and it will get your there.)

I would urge anyone with access to a computer to promptly head to the above-listed site. Dropping in at this video works best when it’s a complete surprise, but I’ll have to temper that a bit or else I would have nothing else to say other than to list the location and close the entry.

So I’ll tell you that when you go to it you should turn your volume up as loud as you and the setting can bear. I’ll tell you that as I write this the video is up above 11 million hits and adding roughly 1 million per day. I have a strong suspicion that rate is going to accelerate dramatically. As a guess, I would suppose that by the time the Dec. 31-dated issue of SCD got into anyone’s mailbox, the count could be up beyond 25 million.

I am such a cyber klutz that such a seemingly grandiose estimate might ultimately be way too modest. It allows for merely a cumulative growth in the viewing totals without taking into account the viral effect of exponential acceleration.

Besides, I assume that this video is going to be such a media sensation that it ultimately will be played in its entirety – all of 4 minutes and 57 seconds – on network and/or cable TV.

Here’s my last hint – and I hope it doesn’t spoil anybody’s level of surprise. Imagine that you are an 8- or 9-year-old kid, and you’re sitting with your parents in a very familiar setting with well-defined parameters of what can be expected to occur from day to day. Suddenly, without so much as a whisper of warning, something happens that is so wondrous and joyful that your whole understanding of the limitations of what is possible and can be imagined is turned upside down.

Watch the faces of the children in this video. Really, it’s silly of me to write that. You will automatically.

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