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That's My Ticket Products Show Up in 'Moneyball'

When Hollywood called, That’s My Ticket delivered. The results are the Massachusetts-based company has its products scattered throughout the film Moneyball starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Not only are products from That’s My Ticket’s shown in the film, but the company's items could be spotted in trailers for the film released weeks ago. That's a lot of exposure from a film that is getting a lot of press.


“Major League Baseball contacted us first and said the folks from Moneyball needed our products for the set. Then we heard directly from Columbia Pictures,” said Dean Macchi, president of That’s My Ticket. “So we sent them the same Oakland A’s Mega Tickets currently hanging in their offices. But it was a leap of faith, we didn’t know if they’d actually show up on film. Then we saw trailers.”

is the story of the A’s general manager Billy Beane’s effort to assemble his team using a small budget and computer-generated statistical analysis. It’s based on the book by the same name, written by Michael Lewis who spent the 2002 season shadowing Beane. Much of the film takes place in the team’s offices in which the walls are adorned with baseball memorabilia and photos. Enter That’s My Ticket’s products, including a 1960 MLB All-Star Game Mega Ticket (shown here) and a 1974 World Series Mini-Mega Ticket.

“We tried to get a mention in the closing credits but, instead, they offered to return the products. Of course, we were a bit skeptical on that in case they didn’t make the cut,” said Macchi. “But as soon as the movie released, we starting getting phone call and e-mails from customers saying, ‘I saw a Mega Ticket in Moneyball.’ It’s nice to know your making a product that is recognizable.”

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