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Super Bowl to Feature Two Storied Franchises

The world is awash in Green & Gold this morning. OK, maybe not everywhere, but you can't walk five feet anywhere in Wisconsin today without running into someone with Green Bay Packers clothing on or folks talking about the game with the biggest smiles on their faces.

I'd imagine the Pittsburgh, Pa., area is about the same.


The Super Bowl pairing are set, with Green Bay facing the Pittsburgh Steelers – two of the most storied franchises in the NFL. For some reason, I really don't expect a lot of trash talk between these two classy organizations. If there are two more bland teams in the bulletin board material department, I haven't seen them this year.

And that's a good thing. There can be general dislike between two teams, but the constant jabbering and bravado some teams exude every time a microphone is pressed to their face (I'm talking mostly about the NY Jets) goes a bit far and it makes you look more ridiculous when you don't back it up.

These two organizations just go about their business, and aside from some "illegal" hits the Steelers defense administers (in truth they are just good old fashioned football hits, but the new NFL doesn't see it that way), there are no real controversial players on either team. Big Ben looks to have turned the corner on an offseason of unwise decisions, and the other biggest transgression might be the lack of grooming for several of the players.

When it comes to the sports collectibles hobby regarding these teams, it's more about the franchises of season past than about the current rosters. There are no big-ticket guys on either team at the moment (Rodgers is heading in that direction). So instead, I'd imagine you're going to see more items popping up regarding the 1960s Packers and the 1970s Steelers than the 2010-11versions of either team.

Or perhaps "The Freezer" BJ Raji will be the new William Perry, but I don't expect another Super Bowl Shuffle song coming out of Green Bay.

Leave that to the fans.