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Super Bowl Footballs, Coin to be Tagged by PSA/DNA

If you want authentic Super Bowl memorabilia, from footballs used in the game to end zone pylons and even the coin used for the opening flip, PSA/DNA is making sure you get the real deal.
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More than 100 footballs will be used in the upcoming Super Bowl game, and to protect against possible counterfeiting, each and every one of them will be "tagged" with a specially-prepared synthetic DNA ink that leaves an invisible-to-the-naked-eye security mark. The sideline pylons and even the coin used for the game-opening coin toss will be marked, too, all by PSA/DNA.

"The DNA ink has an astronomical 1-in-33 trillion chance of being accurately reproduced by counterfeiters," said Joe Orlando, president of PSA/DNA. "Many of the game-used Super Bowl footballs are sold by the NFL through charity auctions. The PSA/DNA certification combats potential counterfeiting and helps assure future owners that each ball is genuine."

About 120 footballs are expected to be used in Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas, between Green Bay and Pittsburgh on Feb. 6.

A PSA/DNA representative will be in Arlington to photograph and then carefully "tag" each ball with the special ink. The mark is invisible to the naked eye but fluoresces green when illuminated by the proper laser frequency. A letter of authenticity accompanies each Super Bowl football certified by PSA/DNA, and the certificates have tamper-evident labels with individual, serialized numbers that can be verified online at

"The value of any game-used Super Bowl collectible can vary significantly depending on the importance of the specific item. For example, was the particular football caught for a touchdown or used for a game-winning field goal?" Orlando said.

This is the 13th consecutive year the NFL has used PSA/DNA Authentication Services to protect against potential future counterfeiting of game-used Super Bowl footballs.

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