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Sports Museum of L.A. Halts Regular Business Hours

Another sign of the times in the sports museum world – the Sports Museum of L.A. announced is has halted regular business hours and might just be open on the weekends this summer. This falls on the heels that the Sports Museum of America in NYC has closed its doors. 
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Los Angeles businessman and longtime collector Gary Cypres has indefinitely halted the regular business hours for his Sports Museum of Los Angeles.

After only being open to private groups for the past few years, Cypres opened the facility – housing his private collection estimated to be worth $30 million – to the public in November. But low attendance has forced Cypres to limit operating hours to groups of 15 or more, or for groups looking to host private functions.

“I did consider opening it only on weekends, and that may be the model we go back to,” Cypres told the Los Angeles Times. “But if we’re going to do that, it would be toward the summer when hopefully there’s much more tourist business.”

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