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'Spitball' Magazine Purchases the Minor League Baseball Newsletter 'Minor Trips'

Bob Carson will stay on as Editor Emeritus of "Minor Trips," as "Spitball" Editor Mike Shannon will fill the same role for the newly acquired newsletter.

Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine has purchased Minor Trips, a newsletter devoted to minor league baseball, now in its 24th year of publication. Minor Trips will continue to be published in the same format and under the same title as before, with founder and former publisher Bob Carson remaining involved as an Editor Emeritus, contributor and adviser.

Spitball Editor-in-Chief Mike Shannon will assume the role of editor and publisher of Minor Trips, while relying heavily on the expertise and guidance of Carson.


"There is no reason to re-invent the RV wheel (the one that takes Minor Trips readers to minor league games around the country) ," said Shannon. "Bob has created a wonderful publication that is supported by fiercely loyal and highly knowledgeable baseball fans, and we simply want to continue doing what he has been doing all these past years to give minor league baseball fans such a great forum for connecting with other fans who share their interest and passion. We have some ideas that we hope will make Minor Trips even better eventually, but we want to assure all of Bob's loyal readers that we have tremendous respect for the newsletter as it exists now and plan to introduce any changes very slowly and carefully so that readers, we hope, hardly notice any transition at all.

"Bob simply has too many things on his plate right now to give Minor Trips the attention it deserves, so we are trilled to be able to continue in his footsteps."

Spitball and Minor Trips will remain separate publications, although Shannon indicated that cost-saving synergies will be sought in all areas of production and fulfillment. Until an Internet presence and an online payment option is established for Minor Trips, new subscribers should send payment of $15 for the 2014 Minor Trips newsletters to the Spitball office at: 5560 Fox Road, Cincinnati, OH 45239.

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