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Special Offer for Vintage Style Baseball Game for National Attendees

In conjunction with the National Convention, Quint Premier Baseball Games is offering a special rate through Aug. 4 for its latest non-electronic, vintage style mechanical baseball pinball game.

Quint Premier Baseball Games has created a highly collectible, non-electronic, vintage style mechanical baseball pinball game, so that two people can play a real game of baseball just as the game is played on any field or ballpark in the world.

Each game is numbered and signed by the creator and developer, Richard L. Quint, Jr. Purchasers can personalize the game by naming the field, park or stadium. They can also choose either wood grain or a red brick finish to surround the playing field. The game is built to last and is a beautiful piece of furniture that can act as a centerpiece for your baseball memorabilia collection.

Players choose their individual teams, fill out their own lineup cards and can easily keep track of the location of runners on base as well as balls, strikes, outs and innings played. Pitchers can throw fastballs and changeups and inside and outside pitches. The artwork for the game is similar to antique pinball games from the past, The scoreboard is a replica of an early 1900s scoreboard with a wooden catwalk which sets it in place. The golden Roman arches are remiscent of the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Quint Premier Baseball Games is offering a special discount to 34th National attendees. From now through Aug. 4, you can purchase the game for $649, plus shipping, which is $350 off the regular retail price. For more information, visit or call 877-591-3692