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So which cap does Andre wear this summer? ...

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Truth to tell, there wasn’t much that was surprising about the results of the BBWAA vote for the 2010 Hall of Fame Class, and I am relieved that Andre Dawson got the nod and that Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven got so close that it would seem induction in 2011 is virtually a lock.

I haven’t heard a peep about which cap will be pictured on Dawson’s HOF plaque; my vote would be for Montreal, if for no other reason than to get another Expo into the Hall (Gary Carter (shown here) is by himself at the moment).

Since Dawson played more than half his career there, it would seem like the probable choice by the Hall, but The Hawk’s MVP season did come with the Cubbies.

Dawson played a handful of games at Jarry Park (Mon dieu, excusez-moi – Parc Jarry), which was a curious little local ball field that had been turned into an almost major-league stadium. Which was not to be confused with Olympic Stadium, where Dawson played most of his career, which was a monstrosity of the first order that was built for something other than major league baseball and thus was quite fairly cursed when it pretended to embrace same.

I have been to both parks; the former was great fun because after growing up at Shea and Yankee Stadium, it was almost spooky to watch a major league game at such a yahoo facility. And the latter, Olympic Stadium, was an abomination unto the eyes of the baseball gods, and not just because the awful artificial surface helped to ruin Dawson’s knees, among countless others.

Nope, it was just an awful joint, and it didn’t help that Montreal fans couldn’t seem to get the hang of rooting decorum for baseball. I had been to the Montreal Forum to watch the Canadiens, and though I wasn’t much of a hockey fan, watching that team in that facility with those fans could have been enough to bring anybody on board. It was a surreal experience.

And yet you plant those same butts on the plastic seats at Olympic Stadium and all the rabid fan fervor would just disappear. Polite and reserved, which works well at Rotary Club meetings but sucks big time at a baseball game.

Still, I lived close enough to the Canadian border for the better part of 10 years to develop some real affection for those funny-sounding little hosers. Since they had to endure the ignominy of having their franchise unceremoniously stripped away from them, I figure one more little nod from our Hall of Fame would be a nice gesture and sound international relations to booth, eh?