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Sign of the Times: Topps Announces Tebow Autos in Upcoming Products

Tim Tebow has taken Denver to the second round of the playoffs, and he's everywhere in social circles as a result. To add to the mix, Topps has announced more Tebow autographs in upcoming products.

All the Tim Tebow hype might go on hiatus after this weekend, but right now you can't go five seconds online or on sports talk radio without hearing about the Denver Broncos quarterback.


That said, Topps has announced the insertion of Tebow autographs in the upcoming Supreme Football and Precision Football.

Collectors can find these autographed cards in Topps Supreme:

  • Base Autograph #’d to 27
  • Base Autograph Red Parallel #’d to 20
  • Base Autograph Green Parallel #’d to 10
  • Base Autograph Platinum Parallel #’d to 1
  • Base Autograph Printing Plates (4 versions) #’d to 1
  • Triple Autograph w/ Newton, Bradford #’d to 10
  • Quad Autograph w/ Newton, Sanchez, Ryan #’d to 5

In addition, Topps said it will include 50 more Tebow autographs (via redemption) in its Precision Football Release. These cards, which are appropriately named “Tim Tebow Precision Comeback Autographs” will capture all of Tebow’s late-game heroics including the overtime playoff win versus the Steelers last week. Each limited-edition card will be numbered to nine or less and include Tebow’s autograph.

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