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Sheen Admits Steriod Use During 'Major League', FanFest Coming Up

It seems when Charlie Sheen played a role in a movie, he really dove all in. He had a well-known reputation as a party guy even before he went nuts, so he fit his role well as a swinging drinker in Two and a Half Men.

Now comes news from Sports Illustrated that he took steroids during the filming of the hit baseball farce Major League, which released in 1989. According to the article, Sheen took steriods for six to eight weeks, and it actually boosted his fastball from 79 mph to 85 mph.


Sheen also said it was the only time he took the drug and it made him irritable at times. So what's he on these days?

It's an aside story to the steriod saga, but it sheds a little more light to the widespread use and reputation of the drug to improve performance. While the drug didn't make it hit the speeds the radar gun showed in the film, it still made an impact, which was/is the draw of performance-enhancing drugs.

I love the movie, and I'd imagine that set had a lot of hijinks going on off the set.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is fast approaching, slated for July 12, and with it comes the FanFest celebration that offers collectibles, memorabilia, interactive games, autographs and much more, running from July 8-11.

The price is a bit steep at $30 each for adults, but there is a lot to do and the entries are timed to space out attendance and give everyone the opportunity to participate as much as they want.

In conjunction with FanFest, Hunt Auctions will be offering appraisals, holding silent auctions each day and culminating in its live auction on July 12 before the game at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Items in the auction will include the personal collection of Curt Schilling, numerous Roberto Clemente artifacts and more. Visit to learn more.

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Finally, some have suggested the blog has been all about contests and nothing informative. I try to keep a lot of the news in the news section of the site, but, yes, it's been a little light of late.

There have been some recent matters I've had to attend to that have taken a bit of my time. I hope to have more thoughtful information to share in the space going forward.