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Send in Your Favorite Sport Stops

We're looking at compiling the best "sports stops" across the U.S. But we need your help. If you have a favorite hidden sports shop, little-known sports museum, place of interest – let us know and we'll make the ultimate list available this summer.

The summer driving season is upon us – you know, the trips where you pile the family into the car, truck or van and trek across the country in the name of a vacation from the daily grind.

I’ll be doing this myself this summer, and I always look for interesting places to stop along the way, although I’ll admit most of my stops are kid-related these days.

I have the pleasure in checking out SCD’s sister publication Antique Trader every two weeks, and the fine editors for that magazine recently compiled a “Touring for Antiques” piece that is basically a roadmap for antiques lovers. The editors compiled 60 destinations across the U.S. for collectors to check out, encompassing every state and offering tidbits about every business listed. Talk about an issue to keep handy!

As I’m reading this piece, the wheels are starting to turn in my head as to how I can do something similar in SCD. Yes, I’m aware there are far less card shops in the country than antique shops, but I think this could work.

So here’s the call-out. I want to put together a sports fan/collecting “map” that features must-stops for the sports memorabilia collector. This would include the following, but not limited to: halls of fame, museums, card shops, retail outlets, ballparks (past and present) flea markets with a sports memorabilia presence, racetracks, stadiums, places of interest and monuments. Basically, if you know of a location or place or business that has some sports or sports collecting meaning to you, I’d be happy to include it on my sports collecting road map.

Can we make this happen? I can do the legwork on the major points of interest, but it’s the hidden gems or the lesser thought of places I need readers like yourself to share. Drop an e-mail to me, or send a letter to SCD Sports Stops, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990. Hopefully we’ll get some good responses and have our own road map to follow by mid-summer.