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Seattle Airport Hosting Baseball Display Connected to the Area

SCD subscriber Charles Kapner has a love of Seattle baseball that dates well past the birth of the 1977 Mariners. Some of his prized collection is currently on display at the Seattle airport now through the end of the baseball season.

If you are traveling through the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport between now and the end of the baseball season, there is a display you'll definitely want to check out.

Charles Kapner, a longtime SCD subscriber and prolific baseball memorabilia collector, has much of his Seattle-related baseball artifacts on display at the airport. And when talking about Seattle baseball, Kapner's passion is the pre-Mariners stuff. We're talking Seattle Rainiers and Seattle Pilots, among others.

Borrowing from the Seattle Times article in which Kapner is featured, you'll find the display as follows: "Go as far south as possible on the airport ticketing level, pass under a 'no gate access'" sign, take a right past the restrooms, and look for the display facing a Hudson News kiosk."

Kapner's passion regarding Seattle-based baseball is well known and respected. He's been on panels discussing the one-year run of the Seattle Pilots and has items from his collection displayed at events and venues in Washington, California and Arizona.

Check out the entire story here. Also, Charles said if anyone would like to contact him regarding the display or Seattle baseball, feel free at e-mail:
or by phone at (425) 749-6507.