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SCD Changing Frequency to BiWeekly

With a new year comes new changes at SCD, including a frequency change to biweekly and a new direction for Editor T.S. O'Connell.

We welcome in 2011 with renewed vigor and optimism for the future – at least that’s what my horoscope says.

At SCD, the wheels are in motion for a renewed outlook as well, and that includes changes to the magazine going forward.

First and foremost, the frequency of SCD will be changing, effective immediately to 26 issues per year. That’s a biweekly schedule vs. the current weekly schedule (52 issues). A lot of readers have asked for this change for some time, and the current circumstances mean that change is finally taking place.

For those of you who have subscriptions running into the future, your duration of your SCD subscription will be the same going forward. So if you have a year left on your subscription, that same time frame will carry over.

We’re also making plenty of content changes. With the news of the frequency change of SCD, we will also be ceasing publication of our sister publication, Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly, effective with the February 2011 issue. Those who have subscribed to Tuff Stuff will get SCD in its place for the duration left on a particular subscription.

On the heels of that news, we will be incorporating some of the features collectors enjoyed in Tuff Stuff into the pages of SCD. There will be more coverage of the modern-card market, including release information, product highlights and trends in the new-card hobby with insight into possible investment material.

We will also have more pricing information, particularly on the autograph market, something SCD readers indicated they would like to see more of, along with more former player interviews, collector profiles and features on oddball memorabilia.

I hope in time to cover this all to meet everyone’s wants and needs and provide a complete editorial package both in print and online.
For those of you paying attention, I am making this announcement because going forward, I will be heading up SCD. That means my good friend and excellent editor T.S. O’Connell will be taking a new path in life after this issue.

T.S. was a big part in helping shape my career when I was an intern 12 years ago, and he has been an integral part of this magazine for nearly two decades.