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SCD artists have been indispensable ...

I noticed the other day that Arthur K. Miller, one of a handful of extraordinary artists who have graced the pages of SCD over the 15-plus years that I have been here, has donated some more pieces of his original art to the Hall of Fame.


Reading the press release gives me an opportunity to once again note that I have a rather substantial debt owed to all of the artists who have allowed their work to be used in our magazine over the years. The reliance on artwork rather than photography for so many of the covers was not a uniformly applauded strategy under all regimes here, but I am confident that over the long haul it has helped make it a better magazine than it might have otherwise been.

My debt to Miller and several other great artists has increased rather dramatically with the planned May release of the book on Yankee Stadium that I authored. The book boasts equal parts of stunning artwork from the likes of Miller, Ron Stark, Andy Jurinko, Charles DeSimone, Michael Schacht and James Fiorentino, among others, and wonderful photography of cards and memorabilia.

For the latter, I am going to have to provide a particular nod to famed photographer David Spindel, who made so many photographs of his own Yankees memorabilia available to me, along with some of his spectacular collages that have been a hobby staple for more than 20 years. I’ll have more on Spindel in future blogs, including an update on more-recent endeavors from this 21st-century renaissance man.

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